Hi, I'm Mike Merrill.

I live in Los Angeles, CA and by day I help build sustainible web3 communities and by night I'm the world's first publicly traded person.

I created a project called KmikeyM where I sell shares in myself. That almost became a movie. Now it might be a TV show.

Previously I spent time as the Creator + Community Evangelist at Roll, I worked at Sandwich Video, making commercials for (mostly) internet companies. Before that I co-founded Chroma, a protocol software studio. I'm an alumnus of the Barclay's Fintech Accelerator as well as the Nike+ Accelerator. I've done some other things like design games, write VR scenarios, host web-reality shows, produce podcasts, run blog empires, and serve in the US Army.

While I never made it to college got an exceptional education working at Panic for ten years, and I love to read, so that is kind of like school. I also took a fabrication course at an art school once.

You can contact me at kmikeym@gmail.com.

Websites and Projects Otherwise Not Listed: